Your Sales Team Pit Crew

If you would indulge us for a moment, we would like to make a comparison. Let’s imagine that your sales team is like a fine-tuned racing machine. NASCAR, Formula 1, or even a Dragster, a finely tuned and calibrated machine that is designed to work together at maximum efficiency and outperform the competition, even by the slightest of margins. Your sales team practices and rehearses their performance to prepare themselves for race day, but no matter how hard you work the week leading up to a race, once your car is out on that track, there are always unseen factors and forces that can hinder or affect the performance of the car. That is why you need a pit crew (The Proximate Pit Crew).

Just like in the race, sales is incredibly competitive. There are dozens if not hundreds of factors that can go into the performance of a sales team and without even knowing it can be preventing you from operating at peak efficiency. The margins are razor thin, and operating at even 99% efficiency can cost you valuable second and drop your team from 1st to 3rd or 4th in the standings. That is where comes in, think of us as your sales team pit crew, helping make those fine-tuned changes that help you operate at peak efficiency.

Proximate deploys sensors that cover your entire vehicle and monitor all of the systems in real-time. We can sense when something is off and isn’t operating at peak performance. Then, we tweak your car on the fly to account for that inefficiency and get you back to peak performance (you don’t even have to pull into pit lane).

Your CRM sales cloud monitors that car and gives you a look into its performance. However, it stops there, only showing you what it currently knows as the status as it stands. At Proximate, our “pit crew” takes it a step further. Not only do we sense where you stand as of today, but what needs to be done to make sure that we improve upon and are working at peak efficiency next lap, and the one after that, and for laps that we will be running a month from now.

Your sales live in the future. Your CRM gives you a snapshot of where your sales are today, and on this lap. At Proximate, we strive to build a tool (pit crew) that not only understands where your sales are today and where they have come from but to then help predict where they are going to go and how they are going to get there. With that information at your disposal and the appropriate tweaks made to your system, you are primed to have some peak performance laps ahead of you, and you will zip past your competition on your way to pole position.

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