What is SIaaS?

We have all heard of SaaS. SaaS can be Quickbooks, Salesforce, Square, Gusto and many more examples. Most of us have multiple SaaS tools that we utilize to help run our business. There are many subcategories of SaaS; we won’t run you through them as it gets somewhat repetitive rather quickly. However, what we do want to do is introduce you to a new type of SaaS type, one that you probably haven’t heard of yet, SIaaS or, Sales Intelligence as a Service.

SIaaS is a new category of SaaS designed to help breath new life into your CRM sales cloud. At Proximate.io we have set out to build a SIaaS tool to help make simple, yet insightful Sales Intelligence available to all. We have developed this all in a convenient and straightforward SaaS tool that allows you to keep your CRM; we deliver the Sales Intelligence.

SIaaS like all other SaaS tools should be three core things; Reliable, Simple and Insightful. First is reliable, Proximate.io is always there. We know that sales can happen at any time and not necessarily while you are at your desk. Having access to our sales insights when and where you need them is critical. Proximate works on your laptop, tablet and your phone. We work right within your existing CRM, at www.proximate.io, and soon, we will have a Google Chrome plugin that can be opened directly along side of your CRM. Simply put, Proximate.io is always there when you need it, think of us as your personal digital sales analyst, available 24/7.

Next is simple; a great tool is only great if it is simple and easy to use. We crafted and built Proximate.io to be intuitive and straightforward. Our goal is to take the information you already have on hand and provide feedback and insights that are clear and actionable. While most software companies like to pride themselves on keeping you in their platform as long as possible, we want you to spend as little time in Proximate as possible; we pride ourselves on it. Login in, get the information and insight you need, log out, and get back to selling. I’ll say it again, simple.

Last is insightful. Proximate understands that there is more to sales than, “Someone from Company X in Ohio read our blog post from last week.”. Our platform goes deeper, looking at the lifetime interactions between a seller and prospective buyer. Our goal is to understand buyer sentiment and buyer intent. We don’t assume that specific actions and data points are significant. Our models test all of the available data to determine what is telling us something, and what is white noise. Also, don’t worry, you don’t need a Computer Science Degree to use it, all you have to do is sync Proximate.io to your existing CRM sales cloud, we do the rest.

Sales Intelligence as a Service, there you have it. It is part of your vocabulary now, and it should be part of your tech stack sooner rather than later. At Proximate.io we built this new category of SaaS tool because we wanted to create a tool that will help add positive value to the day-to-day lives of sales professionals and teams. Sales Intelligence as a Service will help empower sales professionals to act on their sales data with confidence and help sales organizations around the world operate with the agility and efficiency needed to keep up with the ever-increasing speed of business in the 21st-century.

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