What Do We Really Need from Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the buzz-worthy trend in the 21st-century. When you look at business publications, scroll through your LinkedIn feed, or look at a list of the latest M&A’s or highly funded startup the majority of what you will see involves AI and AI companies. But what is it that businesses and the people that run them really need from AI? What are they looking for? Developers and researchers pour hours and hour of work into building the best, most accurate AI engines possible, but unfortunately, that alone is not enough. The key, as we move into the age of AI and Big Data, are companies and startups that can figure out how to provide value and insight from the output of their AI engines.

For business leaders, trying to find ways to provide positive value and insights for their employees is a daily challenge. That challenge falls under the umbrella of people management. People management is a complex skill to master which is why leaders who are exceptional at leading and working with their employees are both hard to find and more often are some of the most successful titans of business. Those titans are regularly evaluating their teams looking for ways to provide that value and insight to help empower them. And that is the key word here, empowerment. When you empower an employee you increase their productivity, you limit their dependence on superiors, and you enable them to grow and evolve into the best “them” that they can be. Human empowerment is a remarkably powerful skill and it is one that the best business leaders need to learn how to master. Proximate Graphic

Artificial Intelligence is an amazing new tool available to those leaders that can help provide that empowerment. That is the challenge that all new AI startups and corporate initiatives will face, how to provide usable, valuable insights. The difference between those that succeed and those that fail will inevitably be their ability to create actionable insights that empower individual employees and teams within an organization. Similar to the way UI/UX was a major factor in the success of mobile apps, AI insight and empowerment will be the largely important factor in the race for AI success and sustainability.

Similar to a good UI/UX (which is still important today, don’t get me wrong), AI that provides actionable insights makes the AI usable. Obviously, companies want the best and sharpest performing AI engines, but if the individuals using it cannot decipher the output then it adds no value. Actionable insights with the ability to help empower employees are the value that AI will bring to companies.

Here at Proximate, our CTO & Founder Thomas Boles and I are dedicated to building our new Sales Optimization AI engine to provide accurate and usable insight into a companies sales leads and opportunities. Our goal is to build a tool that can enable, and empower a companies entire sales team. We believe int he power of the individual, and our tools are designed to help those individuals perform to their peak within their organization. Be sure to sign up at www.proximate.io so your organization will be the first to get their hands on our new Sales Optimization AI tool. 

Ross Andrews
CEO & Founder, Proximate Inc.

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