Sales and Time, A Match Made in Heaven

Time is the one currency you can never get back once you lose it. You can shift things around, scrounge and pillage from other sources to try and replace the time that was lost, but once that instance of time is gone, it’s gone. Sales are all about time, organizations have monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals and all of them are united by a common element, time. Achieve a set amount or volume of sales over a period of time, and that is what we use to determine the difference between success and failure. So why don’t we talk about sales and time more often?

87% of high performing sales reps attribute their success to their employers providing them with the best tools to help them perform their job. So it isn’t such a coincidence that the same number, 87%, of sales reps have reported that in-person meetings are still the most crucial component of strong buyer-seller relationships and successful sales. In-person meetings and in-person communication allow sales reps to build strong relationships by understanding their clients and helping walk them through how their particular product or service can help their business thrive and conquer any challenges that lay ahead. But there is an Achilles heel that comes with in-person communications, they are expensive, and I don’t mean monetarily (they can be though) but they require a huge investment of time.

So what happens when you are spending time in face-to-face meetings with the wrong clients? The individuals and/or businesses that ultimately won’t buy what you are selling? You lose that time and its impossible to get it back, sure you can circle back around to other clients, but you could have been meeting with them in the first place and would never have wasted that time in the first place. So how do we accomplish this you ask? Its simple, an easy-to-use, AI/Machine Learning platform that helps each of your sales reps optimize their time, add value to their most promising leads and empowers them to spend time with the highest quality leads.

With‘s Sales Optimization AI engine our platform does the “data crunching” for you and your sales team to help you find the highest-quality leads so that you can save yourself time, and spend it with the prospects that will become customers. Our platform utilizes machine learning to grow and adapt our AI as your sales change and evolve over time, keeping you ahead of changes in the marketplace, instead of chasing them.

Time has never been a hotter commodity in sales than it is today. Make sure you give your reps the tool that will help them make the most of their time and watch them and your sales team as a whole flourish. Sign-up today at today and be the first to get your hands on our exciting new Sales Optimization and Empowerment platform as soon as it launches.

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