Bringing Your Customers Into Focus

“On average 80% of new leads never become sales” Companies are generating leads at a faster pace than ever before. Prospecting technology, social media, mobile web and a host of other factors have helped companies sources these leads from a multitude of high-quality sources to help fill their sales pipelines and give their sales teams […]

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management is probably the least sexy part of sales. However, poor opportunity management costs companies a whopping $214 million for every $1 billion in commerce in today’s B2B marketplace. What is poor opportunity management? It begins with poor sales enablement which cascades into lost revenue opportunities. Luckily we have good news. A new approach […]

What Do We Really Need from Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the buzz-worthy trend in the 21st-century. When you look at business publications, scroll through your LinkedIn feed, or look at a list of the latest M&A’s or highly funded startup the majority of what you will see involves AI and AI companies. But what is it that businesses and the people that […]