Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management is probably the least sexy part of sales. However, poor opportunity management costs companies a whopping $214 million for every $1 billion in commerce in today’s B2B marketplace. What is poor opportunity management? It begins with poor sales enablement which cascades into lost revenue opportunities. Luckily we have good news. A new approach and a new tool to help make opportunity management simple and easy for any sales team and any company. So where does it all start?

82% of CEOs said they have a broken sales process

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These two technologies are the bedrock on which we can help maximize your sales teams opportunity management efficiency. AI and ML can be used to analyze and identify sales leads and opportunities to help understand the quality of leads in your sales pipeline, as well as strategic points within those lead interactions where the seller can add value to the buyer-seller relationship. Both of these key in helping fortify your sales.

Sales professionals only spend 35% of their time on revenue generating activities

Poor opportunity management leads to a massive loss of time. And for sales teams that loss of time results in staggering lost revenue opportunity numbers, which only get compounded by the additional sales and marketing expenses that get racked up trying to cover up those losses. See the problem here? It just snowballs on you, we chase a bad sales lead too far, miss out on a good one, and then spend all this money to bring in extra business to cover it up. But that new business is still in many cases squandered by continual poor opportunity management and the cycle continues, only the sales teams expense budget has continued to grow and grow.

Sellers who engage buyers early have a 30% greater win rate

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning combine with Natural Language Processing can help sales teams more accurately identify the highest quality sales lead in their pipeline. By starting with pipeline management we can free up space and time in that pipeline instantly for new sales opportunities by eliminating poor or low-quality leads earlier in the sales process. Then, through opportunity management, we can help guide sales reps through the sales process with a specific lead. By identifying strategic value points and determining next steps sales professionals can build a stronger buyer-seller relationship which leads to greater close rates, shorter lead-close times, and smaller sales budgets.

32% of sales end up above the average selling, general and administrative cost across all verticals

At Proximate this is our sole mission, building tools that help sales teams of any size streamline their sales pipeline and then maximize the value and time of your existing buyer-seller relationships as your nurture them. Our simple user interface, simple setup, and powerfully insightful AI engine helps sales teams spend less time analyzing and spend more time acting on their sales data. Our system is also designed to learn and adapt over time as new data becomes available. Like the perfect teammate, learning from each deal, won or lost, we are continually improving ourselves to help make sure you are continually improving too.

Check us out at proximate.io to learn more and signup to be the first to get your hands on our exciting new Sales Intelligence platform.

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