Driving Revenue Lift

Productivity is a powerful driver of business success. Organizations dedicate significant resources to optimize and track productivity. Specifically, when it comes to sales teams, their productivity is directly correlated to the revenue they generate. The paradox for sales teams has always been balancing selling activities with spending time analyzing their sales data to make data-driven selling decisions.

For sales teams, the holy grail for maximum productivity is predictive tools that require minimal input and that maximize selling activity time. Companies that deploy predictive tools to enhance their existing CRM sales cloud see an average of a 34% lift in revenue lift according to CUInsight.

When it comes to opportunity management, we can drastically impact seller efficiency, increase productivity and ultimately create revenue lift for your entire sales team. At Proximate our CRM sales intelligence extension works seamlessly with your existing CRM sales cloud to create predictive opportunity intelligence. With Proximate’s analytics and insight sales professionals don’t spend any additional time on data entry or crunching numbers. Proximate works beautifully right in your CRM window to give you the information you need to make real-time decisions to maximize your pipelines potential, drive engagements, and hit and exceed your revenue goals.

Increasing sales efficiency can impact positive change to your companies revenue numbers all without driving and additional business. A 5% increase in sales efficiency equates to a 3% increase in pre-tax revenue. The chart below breaks down the impact that increasing sales efficiency has on revenue:

Predictive Opportunity Intelligence is a catalyst in affecting this change with enterprise sales teams. The vast majority of sales teams already deploy a CRM sales cloud to help manage and track their sales efforts and establish a funnel and sales process. However, CRMs do little to help optimize that funnel or streamline the process, combining your CRM sales cloud with predictive tools can drive the positive change that increases revenue lift, unlocks revenue opportunity and sets your sales team up for sustained success.

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