Cognitive Technology in Sales

Sales have always been a “people” intensive area of any B2B organization. Despite advances in technology that have dramatically shifted the way we do business in the 21st-century, the power and impact of a face-to-face meeting between buyer and seller remains obvious. It is so impactful that 87% of high performing sales professionals have reported that in-person sales events are crucial for future sales success according to a recent Altify Buyer/Seller Value Index study. The value of these meetings comes at a cost though, as in-person sales tactics come at a considerable time and capital cost. The big question moving forward for many businesses will be how to ensure that these costs are maximized as best as possible.

Cognitive Technology is about more than just fancy AI automation and Machine Learning algorithms. Cognitive Technology is about finding ways to combine powerful AI and Machine Learning with elegant and insightful UI/UX elements to make tools that positively impact human performance. Taking what we know about your business, its performance, and the nuances of how your sales team sells, we can decipher ways in which to help guide and lead sales professionals along the paths leading to the highest quality leads and the best chances of closed-won deals.

Sales teams are sitting on mountains of data, millions of sales leads each with dozens of interactions spanning years if not decades of the companies history. It’s an incredible amount of data that can be analyzed to help make suggestions and provide guidance on human action, the very essence of Cognitive Technology. Letting the machine do the work that is incomprehensible to the human mind so that the humans can do their tasks with greater confidence in their efficiency. Ensuring that their warm smile and handshake land on the right client at the right time.

Using technology (AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing), we can have a much more complete and comprehensive understanding of the ebbs and flows of B2B sales life cycles. We can then provide the insight and feedback necessary to help sales professionals understand when they are on the right track and when they begin to fall outside the patterns that we usually see in successful leads and opportunities. With this approach, sales teams will be empowered to focus on only the highest quality leads, engaging with them sooner which will shorten sales cycles, increased wins rates, and unlock previously lost revenue opportunity that was spent chasing poor quality leads.

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