Anticipating Change

As humans, we tend to be adverse to change. We are creatures of habit and generally are reactive to change versus being proactive. The problem with this dynamic is that change is happening today at a faster pace than any time in mankind’s history and it is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. As the pace of change continues to increase, our ability to keep up with it increasingly becomes a key component to success in business. An old saying is, “Adapt or Die”, which till today was true, but with technology increasing the speed of innovation I want to redo that phrase to reflect the fast-paced reality we all face today, “Anticipate or Die”.

Adapting to change is great, for decades businesses have used data to help them understand their companies strengths, weaknesses and to determine what they need to do to continue to have sustained success. It’s an ideal system in which we use past data to help inform us on a future initiative. The problem is the speed to change has eclipsed the pace of adaption by businesses. Even with all of the highly sophisticated data gathering tools the time it takes for a business to understand and interpret the data and then make the necessary changes sometimes isn’t fast enough.

60% of companies will miss earnings expectations at least one quarter each year.

Presidents, CEOs, Founders and Boards of Directors will all agree that that number is unacceptably high for their company. “Adapt or Die” is no longer a quick enough method to keep companies competitive in our fast-paced marketplace. “Anticipate or Die” is the new trend strategy will need to adopt in 2018 and beyond in order to keep up with changes that may affect their business. Sales teams, in particular, rely on data to understand their process. Sales trends can change extremely rapidly and due to the high cost (SG&A) of sales, being behind the curve can prove extremely costly for a business. Doesn’t matter how great a product or service that you have developed. If your sales team cannot get it in front of the right people you won’t hit your sales goals.

Sales Professionals spend on average, 17% of their day analyzing their leads and sales pipeline.

In a typical 40 hour work week, this means that your sales team is on average spending 6.8 hours analyzing their sales data. That’s almost an entire day out of their 5 day work week gone! No revenue generating activity, no engagement plan, no meetings scheduled, no deals closed. We need to get that day back, sales professionals time is their most valuable asset. provides sales teams with a complete set of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing tools that has one goal in mind. Make selling the easiest, most efficient part of your business. Our AI engine is designed to help understand sales trends to streamline your companies sales pipeline and suggest and recommend steps and points where sales reps can strategically add value to buyer-seller interactions and move their leads through the pipeline as efficiently as possible.

Our AI engine learns from your new leads and sales data to learn and adapt to changes in trends in your industry. We help you anticipate changes and trends, keeping your sales team ahead of the curve instead of chasing it. Proximate brings Optimization, Guidance and Prediction AI that helps your team “Anticipate” instead of “Adapt”. Sign-up to learn more at and be the first to get your hands on our innovative new platform the will boost your sales productivity in just a few clicks.

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