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Predictive Sales Analytics and Opportunity Cost Management
All Right in your Existing CRM Sales Cloud

Simple CRM Integration

Simple CRM Integration

Proximate is designed to sync seamlessly with your CRM sales cloud. Just login with your CRM provider and Proximate does the rest. You can even use Proximate right in your CRM window or through our Chrome Extension.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management

Proximate's AI engine monitors the progress of every opportunity, keeping each one on track to meet or exceed time and cost expectations.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

Proximate's Lead Scoring & Stacking identifies the highest quality leads in your team's pipeline. This enables your team to engage prospects earlier, and create more revenue opportunities.

Sales Engagement

Sales Engagement

Proximate provides instant data-driven feedback, empowering your team to act on opportunities instead of analyzing them. This maximizes the value of every meeting, call, or email.

Sales Value Guidance

Sales Value Guidance

Proximate's AI engine recommends next steps and potential timelines for your team's active leads. This drives maximum value from their actions.

Sales Drift Warnings

Sales Drift Warnings

Proximate warns your team when a sale is getting close to "drifting" outside of the parameters for a sucessful sale. This keeps the focus on high-quality leads.

Guidance, Optimization and Engagement
for your Entire Sales Team

Proximate leverages AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to score and qualify leads, measure “Buyer Sentiment”, and help provide opportunity cost management. Proximate monitors each stage of your sales funnel to help identify the highest quality leads at each stage. Enabling you to engage those opportunities, increasing win rates, decrease sales cycle lengths and creating a healthy, high-quality sales pipeline for long term success.

  • Increase Pipeline Velocity and Sales Engagement

  • Decrease Lead-to-Close and Sales Cycle

  • Increase Overall Sales Efficiency

  • Unlock Revenue Opportunities

Getting Started is Easy
You Will Notice the Difference Immediately

There is no setup. There is no maintenance. Simply log into your CRM, and Proximate takes it from there. Your team benefits from pipeline & opportunity management using Proximate's intelligent Sales Enablement and Guidance solutions.

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About Us

At Proximate we strive to help companies of any size create a healthy and sustainable sales pipeline. By building high quality sales pipelines, we can set both your organization and the individuals within it, up for long-term sustained success.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a powerful tool to help shape a more prosperous tomorrow for you and your company. Our success is your success and we have crafted Proximate from the ground up to provide a unique approach that we are confident will create a positive difference for your entire team.

We love what happens when you combine ingenuity and the human spirit. Just like us, your company, big or small, started with an idea and a dream. You and your team have worked hard creating products and services that your customers will love. Our goal is to help you connect with the right customers, at the right time, that will benefit from what you have worked hard to bring them.

Meet the Team

Ross Andrews

Founder & CEO

Thomas Boles

Founder & CTO

Tanya Tandon

Chief Innovation Officer

Roy Charette

Board Member

The Proximate Family

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